Back in the Saddle

Hello all! After taking a long break from all the medias, we are back and thrilled to start sharing more of the World of Enoch! We have loads of new art as well as several products rolling out. First on the list: The Wyld Card Decks have arrived! These 36 card decks feature lavish art, full character sheets and even blank art cards to get custom drawings on. We will be unleashing them today at Liberty Con in Chattanooga. While there, Dark Solstice Games will have Grant doing art demos while Wes and Ben run the very first public Beginner Game sessions. If you are in the area, you should check out the great Con! If you miss us, then just set your sites on GenCon in a few weeks where we will have the Game, Decks, Art Books and loads of prints and paintings! More to come soon!


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