Welcome to DarkSolstice Games! We are a Nashville-based publishing company making tabletop RPGS, boardgames, webcomics and more.

Our latest project, we’re happy to announce is a new web comic called Herrington by the Sea.

Our last project is the first adventure for the Wylds of Enoch – Fallen: A Mystery in Space. It’s out now and can be found here.

The Wylds of Enoch Welcome Kit: This kit contains a get-you-started rule book, 8 pre-generated characters, and a full 3-act scenario including a guide for game masters new to the Wylds. It’s out now, and can be found here.

The Wyld Card Deck; a 36 card, fully illustrated deck designed to be used in the Wylds of Enoch Role Playing System are available now on thegamecrafter.com.

The World of Enoch Art book, features art from our upcoming RPG, The Wylds of Enoch. This book was released in August 2018 and is available for purchase now.